Tuesday, 10 December 2013

It a Good Place to Advertise eLeavers.com

It a Good Place to Advertise eLeavers.com

ELeavers.com has become one of the most in demand advertising networks for publishers and advertisers. It makes for a successful affiliate account and does everything Google AdSense and AdWords do and more. And it is financially more reasonable as well as being much easier to start and keep an account. Here are some of the reasons eLeavers.com has become one of the main sources of traffic for advertisers and the best place to advertise successfully online:

1- The cost for clicks is very low with bids starting at only $0.008 and you can start an account for next to nothing.

2- ELeavers.com has their own in-house fraud detection system and you pay only for real clicks.

3- They also guarantee high quality traffic which results in high quality clicks, meaning more buyers and more for your money.

4- There is no minimum spending or time commitment. You pay only based on your Average Daily Budget and how much you want to pay per click.

5- ELeavers.com allows advertising to any number of affiliate links, with no limits per page or account.

6- The system on ELeavers.com is easy to start, and easy to use to compose both text ads and, for the same CPC cost, ads with pictures/images.

7- ELeavers.com has a very high conversion percentage. It is as high as 80%, according to Clickbank affiliates.

8- There is zero risk of click fraud. With their cutting edge technology system and 24/7 human monitoring, they filter all invalid traffic and clicks in real time. You do not pay for any clicks that are determined to be fraudulent.

For all of these reasons and more, eLeavers.com has come to the forefront as a competitive advertising network and a very successful and effective alternative or supplement to Google AdSense.


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